Vision PC Privacy secures and protects your privacy and identity by effectively wiping your online digital footprint. Putting you in control by removing exposed passwords, unprotected sensitive data, browsing history, file usage, chat records, and much more.


Vision PC Privacy

Scan For Threats

Thoroughly scans every corner of your computer and proactively removes all Threats that vulnerable viruses, spywares, trojans, rookits and snoops.

Protect Profile IDs

Protects against identity theft by revealing where your phone number, email, physical address and credit card information are stored on your computer

Real Time Protection

Real-time protection of your privacy while browsing the internet from any where and at anytime.

Anti Tracking

Ensures safe online transactions, blocks spam & phishing emails and keeps hackers away with advanced detection.

Scheduled Cleaning

Speeds up your PC by removes browser history and temporary files periodically.

Fully Automated

Fully automated mode of our sophisticated software automatically protects your privacy at all times

Do You Know ?

  • Windows secretly records all the web sites you’ve ever visited?
  • After you delete your Outlook emails and empty the Waste Basket, someone could still read your email?
  • After you delete a file and empty the Recycle Bin, the file still exists?
  • Your Internet Service Provider may compile a complete dossier on your web surfing?
  • Your computer might be a bot, a slave computer waiting to perform tasks assigned by a remote master?
  • Microsoft Word and Excel documents contain secret keys that uniquely identify you?
  • Office also collects statistics anyone can read on how long you spent working on documents and when?


Vision PC Privacy is intuitive, easy to use, and keeps you effectively protected from hackers and data snoops. It will help you browse the internet safely and securely, by promptly scanning and removing all privacy threats to ensure very smooth and speedy internet browsing experience, like never before.

It comes with exclusive privacy and security features.


Security is about informing yourself and assessing the possible risks you and others you communicate with are facing. Make sure you set aside some time to choose the right tools, install everything properly, and verify that it works for you.

Most of the threats we are facing are automated undirected threats and luckily these are also the easiest to defend against. Unfortunately, sometimes we are also subjected to directed threats, for which we need some additional safety measures.

Undirected threats are threats that are not directed at you personally, but might still affect you. Examples include phishing emails and computer virus infections.

Directed threats are the most dangerous ones. Directed threats are aimed at you personally or your organization and might involve a variety of different techniques.

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  • Ensures Tracking Files and Information is Removed
  • Safeguards Against Internet Fraud and Phishing
  • Protects Your Personal and Private data
  • Blocks Advertisers from Prying